Tuesday, October 24, 2006

speak evil - dirty!

here's one I did a while ago. My original intention was to make a series of very clean flat colored cartoonish looking works when I started. Maybe its a lack of discipline, or maybe I've just opened up my mind to explore a little more than I originally intended. Anyway, here's the first version I did, and below is the "dirtied" up version. I might still tone down the dirty, I don't know I have to let it marinate on my mind for a while before I decide. Either way I'm envisioning the final output printed on semi-toothy newsprint (large!). I want it to look, feel, and smell like all those old marvel comic books I grew up reading in the early 1990's... before glossy, before dodge and burn, before lens flare! Let'cha know how that turns out.

1 comment:

Brian Mongsub Song said...

humm. I think you plan to do a gallery show .....~!!!!